Abstract : 1A.6
Characteristics of the bora wind under different conditions of the lee background flow

Mark ŽAgar, JožE Rakovec
Environmental Agency of Slovenia (and University of Ljubljana, Department of Physics)

There are several modifiers of the bora wind at the eastern coast of the Adriatic, but common to the majority of situations with Bora are the cross-coast pressure gradient and cold advection on the continent. In this paper a detailed analysis of two cases with Bora is presented in terms of the two aforementioned background state parameters, and additionally on the warm advection into the Adriatic basin. A numerical model is used for obtaining the state of the atmosphere as close as possible to the observed one which is ensured through verification with surface and upper-air observations. The results indicate that the amplitude of warm inflow does have a significant influence on the Bora strength and its offshore reach within the onset period.