Abstract : 3N.21
Forecast of mountain road conditions: Preliminary results

Alessia Borroni, Andrea Rossi
EPSON Meteo Centre

Weather conditions have a major impact on the safety and operation of roads. They affect driver behaviour, vehicle performance, pavement friction, roadway infrastructure and maintenance, risk management and prevention. Weather events and their impacts on roads can be predictable, non-recurring incidents that affect safety, mobility and productivity. This work shows preliminary results of METRo (Model of the Environment and Temperature Roads), a numerical model to forecast road conditions, applied to Italian roads. METRo to run needs roadside observation together with forecast of meteorological model as initialization data. It uses road weather information systems stations of Società Autostrade as observation input and WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) model output as forecast input. After the initialization of the road temperature profile using observations, during an overlapping period among observations and forecast model data, the radiative fluxes are adjusted. METRo is ready to calculate its forecast output. Two relevant winter case study are presented, showing the capability of the system to forecast situations with a potential high-impact on road transportation and safety.