Abstract : H.3
Assimilation experiments and applications of cloud-drift wind data over Tibetan Plateau and its Vicinities

Lihong Zhang, Jing Chen, Chuan Li
Institute of Plateau Meteorology, Chengdu, CMA

In the Tibetan Plateau and its nearby areas, for the impact of complex topography and underlying surface, it is difficult to some extent to assimilate the remotely sensed satellite data, although relatively mature in the ocean. In order to preliminarily research the applicability of the Cloud Drift Wind (CDW) data in the Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) over the Tibetan Plateau and its nearby areas, we made assimilation and prediction tests about two typical summer heavy rain processes happened in this area.

In this paper, the main tool is the Global/Regional Assimilation PrEdiction System (GRAPES) which is exploited by the Chinese scientist. The researching area is 20-40NC75-115E, which covers the whole southwest China including the Tibetan Plateau. The testing results present that the assimilating CDW data can make the prediction much close to the observed one, both in the center and position of rainfall, can partly eliminate the false precipitation center, and can improve the prediction of geopotential height, temperature and wind. The conclusions show that assimilating CDW data can reduce the prediction error in this area.