Abstract : 3M.1
Hydrological evaluation of high-resolution meterological models

Matthieu Lelay, Georges-Marie Saulnier

Intense rain events frequently occur within the low-medium mediterranean moutains CĂ©vennes-Vivarais, located southern France. A meso-scale hydrological simulator of the flash flood generation of three river basins (5000 km2) was build. It aims to investigate at any point within the river basins the relative significance of the various spatial variabilites that may influence such dramatic rainfall-runoff events, such as the topography, rainfall, initial soil moisture conditions and hydrodynamics soil properties space structure. Results will be shown for the severe event of september 2002. Such severe events should be forecasted with lead time (several hours) conciliable with the civil security warning to people. High resolution meteorological models offer a quasi unique and interesting way to forecast such severe rainfall events in time and in space. Within the PREVIEW european project (PREVention, Information and Early Warning) hydrological evaluation of several NWP models (MesoNH, ALMO, MM5) was performed and results will be presented.