Abstract : 1B.1
The correlation between air pollution and temperature inversion in Sarajevo valley (Row 1975-2005)

Majstorovic Zeljko, Tais Martin, Voloder Mediha, Dzenan Zulum
Federal Hydro meteorological institute

Sarajevo valley is surrounded by high Olympic Mountains: Bjelasnica, Igman, Jahorina, etc. Therefore, one of the main climate characteristics of Sarajevo’s field is temperature inversion. It has influence in temperature gradient, in appearance fog, in air pollution, even it effects to middle temperature of the mounts, especially during winter period.

Last fifteen years had made possible a unique experiment: during the war, and after the war, causes of pollution so the presence of smog was important reduce. It made possible researching of the opposite influence: relations between air pollution and climate parameters mentioned before in the line. In this work used data of the meteorological station: Bjelave (630 meters), Butmir (518 meters) and Bjelasnica (2067 meters) over row 1975-2005.

The results of experiment showed the existence of high correlation between air pollution and temperature inversion (annual and seasonal values). Decrease of air pollution was followed by appropriate decrease of number of days with inversion and number of days with fog. Changes of Annual cycles of these parameters were also noticed. This is very interesting for make physical discussions and models.