Abstract : 3K.3
The avalanche risk estimation in Romania

Milian Narcisa, Cristian Flueraru
National Meteorological Administration

Avalanches can happen wherever there is snow lying on ground of sufficient angle. Accidents in recent years in Romanian mountain areas, together with an increasing number of people practicing various types of winter sports, require more efforts to be put into the estimation of avalanche risk areas.

The first snow observations concerning avalanche risk, started in Romania in 2004. One year later, in 2005, the first avalanche risk bulletin was realized. A French methodology was used, with two daily observations and one weekly pit. The analyzed area covered Bucegi, Piatra Craiului and Fagaras mountains, the massifs most frequented by tourists. Although the avalanche risk estimation activity is ongoing now for more than 3 years, its status is still "experimental" due to the lack of an avalanche cadastre.

The dissemination of information started in January 2006 using two important web-resources: the Romanian Mountain Rescue web page and alpinet.org a mountain portal with more than 20.000 visitors per day. For the cases with high risk, warnings were released towards the mass media.

The future-work includes extending the observation network, the change of activity status to "operational" and the continuity of validation.