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Welcome to the new HIRLAM homepage

the official website of the HIRLAM program for High Resolution Local Area Modelling for numerical weather prediction

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HIRLAM Newsletter No. 55 Part A

Tuesday 26 January 2010 by (Tilly Driesenaar) — frontpage
The first part of the HIRLAM Newsletter No. 55 is now available on-line at HIRLAM Newsletter No. 55 Part A, December 2009.

Newsletter 55 update

Monday 5 October 2009 by (Tilly Driesenaar) — frontpage
Because the layouting and printing of the newsletter again takes a lot of time, we made the contributions available as they are submitted at in the HIRLAM DOCman area .  

ASM presenters: request for papers for NL55

Monday 25 May 2009 by (Tilly Driesenaar) — frontpage
Like every year I ask everyone who gave a presentation at the All Staff Meeting to send me a summary of the presentation for the next newsletter.They will be included in Newsletter No. 55. The deadline for the contribution is 30 June 2009. But earlier is also welcome! Guidelines You can send (...)

New website launched

Wednesday 29 April 2009 by (Tilly Driesenaar) — frontpage
The new HIRLAM website is launched today. It is not completely ready yet (it will never be I guess). But it contains enough information to start with. The website gives access to new information in the system, and to a copy of the old website in case the information is not migrated yet. There (...)

Preliminary program ASM 2009 / Wk 19

Friday 10 April 2009 by (Tilly Driesenaar) — frontpage
The Preliminary program of the All Staf Meeting 2009 / 19th Workshop is available. Due to too many proposed presentations in some sessions, some presentations are changed into posters. The order of the sessions is also changed on Tuesday (as afternoon sessions could be longer than morning (...)

joint ASM 2009 and 19th ALADIN Wk

Monday 30 March 2009 by (Tilly Driesenaar) — frontpage
The next joint HIRLAM All Staff Meeting (ASM) and ALADIN workshop will take place 12 - 15 May 2009 in Utrecht. The conference location will be the Centraal Museum, nicely located in the centre of the old city of Utrecht. The local organising team's website at KNMI provides practical information (...)

HIRLAM Newsletter No. 54

Monday 2 February 2009 by (Tilly Driesenaar) — frontpage
HIRLAM Newsletter No. 54 issued in December 2008 is available online. The contents are:

HIRLAM Technical Report No. 68

Monday 2 February 2009 by (Tilly Driesenaar) — frontpage
The HIRLAM Technical report No. 68 is available online. The title is Report from the SRNWP Workshop on High resolution data assimilation with emphasis on the use of moisture-related observations: How to project on a good estimate of the moist attractor before it moves away.  The contents (...)

Contributions for HIRLAM Newsletter No. 55 Welcome

Friday 23 January 2009 by (Tilly Driesenaar) — frontpage
HIRLAM Newsletter No. 54 will arrive at you very soon now. It will be dispatched next week. The printing process took very long. I do apologize for that. But we learnt from this process and I promiss the next newsletter will be printed much quicker (it has to be). So I'm now ready to receive (...)

Welcome to HIRLAM!

Wednesday 21 January 2009 by (Tilly Driesenaar) — frontpage
HIRLAM is a European cooperative scientific programme developing a high resolution numerical weather prediction system for the synoptic scale and the mesoscale. HIRLAM members develop together with ALADIN a state-of-the-art Numerical Weather Prediction system for the mesoscale, (...)

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