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Latest News:   

D2A.2.3: Final report on combined second and first stream simulations of the 20th century (access restricted to contributors to the papers).

D2A.3.3: Report on 21st century scenario simulations in stream 2 (A1B and E1) (access restricted to contributors to the papers).

D2A.3.4: Report or paper on preliminary results of 21st century E1 scenario simulations including simple climate model output (access restricted to contributors to the papers).

2m temperature and precipitation from Stream2 ans Stream1 Simulations are available to RT2A participants here

Presentations at the RT2A meeting in Vienna 21-23 April 2009 are available to project participants

- Forcings for Stream 2 are available here  

- Please follow the "ABC" instructions given by the project director when publishing an ENSEMBLES funded paper: 

A) Acknowledge ENSEMBLES funding in the paper with the agreed words: “Financial support by the EU FP6 Integrated Project ENSEMBLES (Contract number 505539) is gratefully acknowledged.” 

B) Bestow a copy of the paper on RT0 and RT8. C) Cite the paper on the project WIKI page

- Please consult and use the ENSEMBLES forum