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FASTEX: general information

FASTEX (Fronts and Atlantic Storm-Track Experiment) is an international research project about weather, precisely about mid-latitude cyclone depressions.

A most essential component of mid-latitude climate, cyclones bring rain water, exchange heat and sometimes turn themselves into still difficult to predict deadly storms.

On this site, you can learn about cyclones, how FASTEX studies them and you can get data to develop your own project.

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You can also download and print dull but "peer reviewed" published/accepted scientific articles overviewing FASTEX (printable reference):

Cover page of BAMS article

Cover page of QJRMS article

FASTEX: scientific objectives and experimental design.

Article from the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol. 78, september 1997. © 1997 by the American Meteorological Society: this article can be printed only for private use. It may not be reproduced. (Size: 879 ko)

Overview of the field phase of the FASTEX project.

Article accepted for publication in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. © 1999 by the authors: this article can be printed only for private use. It may not be reproduced. (Size: 843 ko)

Opening image on top of page: the development of a North-Atlantic cyclone as seen in a broad infra-red channel from two satellites. Further comments in the "Quick tour of FASTEX" pages.

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