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The idea is to provide a self-contained data set enabling:
  • the starting of model simulations, global or in limited areas
  • the computation of diagnostics from the analyses with good precision on spatial derivatives.

  • Data set source

  • Meteo-France ARPEGE Model analyzed fields

  • Information on available data in the FASTEX Central Archive

  • first dataset, from the operational analyses:
    this dataset covers entirely the period from the 1 January,1997 0Z to the 28 February 1997 18Z, with a frequency of 6 hours.
    18 fields(Temperature, specific humidity and wind, and their derivatives , and geopotential) on 24 pressure levels, and 6 surface fields.
  • 4D-Var dataset:
    available upon request to

  • Quality Control Processing

  • Data providers validation
    Data are validated by the data providers before sending it to the FASTEX Central Archive

  • Additional information

  • 01 Sep,1997 : geopotential fields are also available on 24 pressure levels.
  • 22 Jul,1997 : 17 fields (temperature, specific humidity and wind, and their derivatives) on 24 pressure levels, and 6 surface fields are available.

  • Data format

  • List of parameters:
    3D fields :
    Geop geopotential
    u zonal wind component
    v meridional wind component
    Div horizontal divergence
    Vort vertical comp of vorticity
    DuDx zonal derivative of u (Du : 1/acos(lat) X partial(.)/partial(long) )
    DvDx zonal derivative of v
    DuDp vertical derivative of u
    DvDp vertical derivative of v
    T temperature
    DTDx zonal derivative of T
    DTDy meridional derivative of T
    DTDp vertical derivative of T
    q specific humidity
    DqDx zonal derivative of q
    DqDy meridional derivative of q
    DqDp vertical derivative of q
    2D surface fields :
    p surface pressure
    orog orography used for vertical interpolations
    Ts0 surface temperature, including analysed SST
    Ts1 soil temperature
    ws0 superficial soil water content
    ws1 soil water content
  • Format:
    Each horizontal field for a given variable, at a given time and a given level (whenever that applies) will be stored as a GRIB message.
  • Estimated volume:
    at the prescribed resolution, one message is 60 kbytes long, including header, with 240 X 119 values coded on 16 bits each. One analysis contains 24 X 16 + 10 GRIB messages.
    Estimated volume for 240 analyses : 5.7 Gbytes

  • Updated: 30 July 2000
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