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ARPEGE is a variable resolution spectral primitive equation system. At the time of the experiment, it was be running with semi-Lagrangian semi-implicit scheme. The resolution is T149, 27 levels with stretching 3.5. Time step: about 600 s. The averaged resolution over the Atlantic is (roughly) equivalent to T300, T400 and more over western Europe. This data set will be the outcome of the data assimilation suite run by Meteo-France in Toulouse.

Spatial coverage and resolution: Global grid, latitude X longitude, resolution 1.5 degrees, poles excluded.

Data Format Each horizontal field for a given variable, at a given time and a given level (whenever that applies) will be stored as a GRIB message.

The number of fields per request is limited to1200 .

Date and Time:
Dates have the form YYYYmmdd where YYYY is the year, mm is the month, and dd is the day. For instance, 19970201 means Feb 01, 1997.
Dates must be between 19970101 and 19970301.
GMT Times have the form HH:MI:SS where HH is the hour, MI is the minute, and SS is the second.

Begin Date   End Date
Begin Time   End Time
STEP by:
6 H 12 H 18 H 24H

Selection of Parameters

3D Fields Pressure Levels

2D Surface Fields

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