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Welcome to the dataset website of Concordiasi
   Concordiasi is an international project, currently supported by the following agencies: Météo-France, CNES, CNRS/INSU, NSF, NCAR, University of Wyoming, Purdue University, University of Colorado, the Alfred Wegener Institute, the Met Office and ECMWF. Concordiasi also benefits from logistic or financial support of the operational polar agencies IPEV, PNRA, USAP and BAS, and from BSRN measurements at Concordia. Concordiasi is part of the THORPEX-IPY cluster within the International Polar Year effort.

   The Concordiasi field experiment took place in Antarctica with three campaigns during the Austral springs 2008, 2009 and 2010.

   In 2010, the field activities were based on a constellation of nineteen long duration stratospheric balloons deployed from the McMurdo station. 13 of them launched dropsondes on demand, measuring atmospheric parameters over Antarctica. 6 of the flights were dedicated to chemistry an microphysics measurements with ozone sensors, particle counters and GPS receivers. All of the balloons carrried meteorological flight-level instruments, measuring temperature and pressure.
   Additional in-situ measurements included synop and radiosoundings (Concordia, Dumont d'Urville and Rothera), BSRN data at Concordia, Hamstrad radiometer measurements at Concordia.

   Data deployed in the context of Concordiasi, meteorological data provided on the GTS over Antarctica, model data, specific measuments (real-time or/and validated) are available on this website.
   The access to these data is freely available. A simple registration is required (please fill in the form under "Registration", and a user/password will be provided).

   For more details see "Datasets" .
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