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Available datasets
Archived files
   general name : labo_dataset_yyyymmdd_hh[mn]_version.format

Real-time observations:    observations from GTS
   labo='smt'    hh=00,06,12,18    version=V0    format=bufr

* General observations
buoy : smt_buoy_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr
pilot : smt_pilot_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr
synop : smt_synop_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr
temp (radiosounding) : smt_temp_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr

Satellite datas - gps
    gpsro : smt_Gpsro_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr

Satellite datas - radiances
    sat. airs : smt_S11_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr
    sat. amsua : smt_S3_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr   (noaa-16, noaa-19, metop-A)
                         smt_S3aq_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr   (aqua)
    sat. amsub : smt_S4-15_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr   (noaa-16, noaa-17, metop-A)
    sat. hirs : smt_S0_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr   (noaa-16, noaa-17, metop-A)
    sat. iasi : smt_S16_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr
    sat. seviri : smt_S21_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr   (meteosat-9)
    sat. ssmi : smt_S6_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr   (dmsp-13)
    sat. ssmis : smt_S10_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr   (dmsp-16,dmsp-17)

Satellite datas - winds
    ascat : smt_Wascat_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr
    ersuwi : smt_Wersuwi_yyyymmdd_hh.v0.bufr
    geowind : smt_Wgeowind_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr
    qscat : smt_Wqscat_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr

* Concordiasi observations
Datas from gondolas
acar : smt_acar_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr    (informations)
dropsonde : smt_dropsonde_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.bufr

Special observations : additionnal measurements during Concordiasi experiment
acar :  thermodynamical observations     (informations)
    num=gondola number
      real-time version    concor${num}_acar_yyyymmdd_hhmn_v0.txt (format)
      final version    concor${num}_acar_v1.txt   (all datas)    (format)    (LMD)

bsrn : surface radiation observations
    89625_bsrn_yyyymm_v0.txt    (format)    (BSRN)

dropsonde - valid UCAR : final dropsoundings from UCAR
   concor${num}_dropsonde_yyyymmdd_hhmn_v3.txt    (format)    (UCAR)
dropsonde : real-time dropsoundings from UCAR
   concor${num}_dropsonde_yyyymmdd_hhmn_v1.txt or *_v2.txt    (format)

hamstrad : stratospheric and tropospheric radiometers observations
    89625_hamstrad_yyyymm_v0.txt    (format)    (IPEV)

ozone : ozone observations from gondolas
   LMD :   num = 14,15,18    (format)    (LMD)
   University of Colorado :   num = 16,17,19    (format)    (University of Colorado)

pilot : pilot datas from Concordia station
   89625_pilot_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.txt   (format)

synop :
      synop : synop data from Concordia Station
         89625_synop_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.txt    (format)
      synop H Res. : synop data high resolution from Mc Murdo station
         89664_synophr_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.txt    (format)

radiosoundings :
      temp : radiosoundings from Concordia station
         89625_temp_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.txt    (format)
      temp H Res. : hight resolution radiosoundings
         station_temphr_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.txt    (format)
            station : Concordia (89625), Halley Bay (89022), Rothera Bay (89062)
      temp L Res. : low resolution radiosoundings from Dumont d'Urville station
         89642_templr_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.txt or *.bufr    (format txt bufr)
      ozone sounding : ozone radiosoundings    station_tempoz_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.txt
         station=89664 (Mc Murdo)    (format)    (Univ. of wyoming)
         station=89034 (Belgrano)    (format)    (INTA)
         station=89009 (South pole / Admunsen-Scott)    (format)    (University of Colorado)
         station=89532 (Syowa)    (format)    (JMA)

Model datas
cep : datas from ECMWF (CEP)    cep_type_yyyymmdd_hh_v0.grib (format grib)
      type : analysis (ana), prevision 03,06,09,12,15,18,21,24 (prexx)
Méteo-France Editor : Florence  Rabier  Lay out : Dominique  Puech photo : CNES