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Acar / Tsen: meteorological observations           
    Each long-duration balloon launched during Concordiasi has been equipped with a meteorological payload called Tsen1 developped at LMD. Tsen makes in-situ measurements of atmospheric pressure and temperature every 30 s during the whole flight. During the campaign however, issues onboard the scientific gondola have leaded to some gaps in the Tsen dataset.
    The pressure is measured with an accuracy of 10Pa and a precision of 0.1Pa. The temperature is measured via two thermistors located 5 m below the last gondola in the flight train. The precision of temperature observations are respectively ~0:25 K during day and ~0:1 K during night.
    The time and location along the balloon trajectory is provided by the Cnes Isba gondola. This dataset has been merged on ground with the Tsen dataset to associate a GPS time and position to the meteorological observations. During this process, the 1-minute Isba measurements have been interpolated on the Tsen 30-second time frame provided the Tsen observations does not take place during a data gap longer than 15 min in the Isba dataset.
    Some Isba data gaps longer than 15 min were actually observed during the campaign. In such cases, the time of the observations is ensured by the Tsen real-time clock, but the localizations of the observations are lost.

tsen : Thermodynamical sensor, the LMD meteorological payload

Méteo-France Editor : Florence  Rabier  Lay out : Dominique  Puech photo : CNES