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Data formats
* bufr     
Official BUFR manual for WMO code forms :
decoding informations are available on
tables for decoding bufr archive : tables

* grib     
Official GRIB manual from ECMWF :

Laboratories informations
* LMD (Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique)     
Official site :
tsen meteorological observations : reports (up-to-date versions)

* BSRN (Baseline Surface Radiation Net)     
Official site :

* INTA (Instituto Nacional de technica aeroespacial)     
Official site :
Ozone observations : Belgrano station

* JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency)     

* IPEV (Institut Polaire français Paul Emile Victor)     
Official site :
hamstrad observations : hamstrad

* NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)     
Official site :
Ozone observations in South Pole : CMDL (Climate Monotoring and Diagnostics Laboratory)

* UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)     
Official site :
Observations : Concordiasi management

* University of Colorado     
Ozone observations in South Pole : Concordiasi science

* University of Wyoming     
Official site : Ozone observations

Data informations
* hamstrad observations (IPEV) :
hamstrad project : hamstrad

* ozone observations (University of Colorado) :
general dataset description : Codiac dataset

* tsen meteorological, ozone observations (LMD) :
operational report : lmd_data_operational.pdf (up-to-date version)
final report : lmd_data_final.pdf (up-to-date version)

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