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Concordiasi data policy
   The data sets provided by Concordiasi will result in collaborative efforts into satellite data assimilation, Antarctic precipitation and the interplay between polar stratospheric clouds, gravity waves, vortex dynamics and ozone depletion. Concordiasi being part of the IPY, data will be provided freely, as soon as possible after measurement and quality control, with a delay of typically 6 months and a maximum delay of two years.

   Some data will be available with restricted use, before they are considered fully validated. To obtain the authorization to access restricted access data, please apply for an account to "Registration"

   Access to the data are conditioned by the respect of the Acknowledgement sentence below and an acknowledgement to the PI providing the particular data set used: "Concordiasi was built by an international scientific group and is currently supported by the following agencies: Météo-France, CNES, IPEV, PNRA, CNRS/INSU, NSF, NCAR, Concordia consortium, University of Wyoming and Purdue University. ECMWF also contributes to the project through computer resources and support, and scientific expertise. The two operational polar agencies PNRA and IPEV are thanked for their support at Concordia station. Concordiasi is part of the THORPEX-IPY cluster within the International Polar Year effort."
Moreover, specific access to the driftsonde data will be conditioned by the addition of the following Acknowledgement sentence: "The driftsonde data have been obtained through a cooperation between UCAR and CNES, under the sponsorship of the NSF and the CNES.".

Detailed information on Concordiasi is available on the web site ""

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.
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