ALATNET Mid-term review : agenda with on-line presentations

Monday 22th of April : mid-term review (first part)

13.00: Introduction by the Commission Representative (Jane SHIEL) and the expert advisor (Jean QUIBY)

13.15: Co-ordinator report: generalities (networking, administrative, introduction to the scientific part, introduction to the training part) by Jean-François GELEYN

13.45: Specific training activities: presentation of the 3 Seminars
¸ Seminar on High Resolution Modelling (Radmila BROZKOVA)
¸ Seminar on Data Assimilation (Patricia POTTIER)
¸ Seminar on Numerical Methods and NWP Applications

14.15: Tour de table: as a link between the scientific introduction by the co-ordinator and the Young Researchers individual presentations
¸ Jean-François GELEYN for FRANCE
¸ Luc GERARD for Belgium
¸ Radmila BROZKOVA for Czech Republic
¸ Andras HORANYI for Hungary
¸ Jure JERMAN for Slovenia

15.00.: Interview of the ALATNET Steering Committee members by the Commission representative (Jane SHIEL) and the expert advisor (Jean QUIBY)

15.45: Young Researchers reports
¸ André SIMONJ
¸ Margarida BELO-PEREIRA
¸ Martin GERA
¸ Raluca RADU
¸ Malgorzata SZCZECH

Tuesday 23rd of April 2002 : mid-term review (continuation)

8.30: Young Researchers reports (continuation)
¸ Jozef VIVODA
¸ Gianpaolo BALSAMO
¸ Christopher SMITH
¸ Cornel SOCI

10.00.: Interview of the Young ResearchersALATNET by the Commission representative (Jane SHIEL) and the expert advisor (Jean QUIBY)

11.30.: Open discussion

12.30.: Initial impression and closure of the mid-term review